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Total Randomness
Well with the RPG's I've been playing lately.

I've been playing games from the Shin Megami Tensei franchise for the past 8 months? (started last march with persona 3) I was planning to move on to SMT:Nocturne although after 2 hours in the game I'm kinda getting tired. Honestly the story seems nice dark and creepy just like all megaten games(assumptions because I haven't really played every single game yet). Story is much more captivating than Digital Devil Saga. DDS wasn't a very good experience for me, Story was wonderful but the constant grinding slowly ate away at me like a parasite. I grew tired of grinding since DDS1, I had to grind again in DDS2 just to get skills, I was already at the final 2 chapters of the game yet my skills were still insufficient in handling the final dungeons. Frustrated, I just cheated my way to the ending. Now Story alone DDS and Nocturne are awesome, but the high encounter rate and necessary grind are somehow putting me off from continuing my play on Nocturne, well I put it on hard mode too and it's kinda frustrating to not have a savepoint at the start of the dungeon so that if you die you'd have to waste another 20 minutes of your time to get back to where you currently were before the gameover screen.

Nocturne at least makes me feel like I'm playing something similar to the persona series and I really don't need to grind as much and spend money to get skills. Persona 4 would have to be the best MegaTen title I've played. Even though it took more than 50 hours it did't feel like a chore because the day to day progression of the game was always something new. I Loved the music of persona 4 too, best battle theme I have ever listened to. No need to grind since you could new personas with new skills by just fighting monsters or fusion, same way you can recruit new demons or fuse existing ones in Nocturne. When I got to the end of Digital Devil Saga2 I was somehow put off that it was another "please don't destroy the world, mankind can change" dialogue. I feel that this is the same theme that is still used in SMT:Nocturne >_>

As mentioned earlier too much dark chaotic end of the world scenarios for the past months and I need something different, I've gotten used to the way current megaten games work that I feel that I can handle hard mode, the only thing that kinda ticks me off with hard mode is the higher price of items making it "hard" for you to buy needed stuff.

I somehow miss playing an "epic" RPG and I plan on putting Nocturne aside for the mean time and play it another day. I don't mean epic as in awesome ftw great, but epic in a sense that it deals with long journeys to distant lands filled with magic and adventure. The last one would probably be Tales of Symphonia which I played four years ago. I miss the Tales series, I've seen the latest offering coming to the Wii and boy o boy it looks much more exciting than anther Tales game that I've ever seen.

Or I could also play a tactical RPG. Tactical RPGs hardly require any grinding. Fire emblem was the last one I played 2 years ago. These are fast paced(in terms of game story progression) and really require you to use your noggin.

With a boat load of games on the ps2 that are yet to be touched would I be fit to move to the current gen ps3 or wii? I still haven't explored other series like Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Disgaea. My gamecube that is currently dead also has a few stellar titles that really demand a playthrough. I want to venture into Hyrule once again as I rushed my play of Twilight Princess.

So what should I boot up tonight? Tales? FF? Star Ocean? hmm...
Ohh yeah IIDX Empress CS is coming out this month, something fresh in IIDX for roughly a month yay.

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Another epic time with the guys :3

Gateway to another dimension

This has got to be the most authentic japanese food that one can ever get to in the metro. All the Japanese food that I have tasted in my entire lifetime pales in comparison to the rich flavour that tantalized my taste buds last night. The taste of oh so delicious ramen still lingers in my mouth and will be something that won't be easily forgotten.

Shoyu Ramen

The taste of oh so delicious ramen still lingers in my mouth and will be something that won't be easily forgotten. I was surprised, I could actually sluuuurp the noodles



I used to think that the "kakigoori" sold in the small kiosks at malls was already good, this just blows the competition away. Large serving with very fine snow and being really generous with the syrup.

We passed by the japanese groceries and I immediately spotted maccha items. I have this fascination for maccha and always order something with maccha in it if it's available on the cafe's menu.

I bought some maccha powder and maccha chocolate.

Went to Jr's house to drink and play BlazeBlue yay!

Due to the graveyard shift for a week my body clock was somehow messed up because even though it was 3am I was still wide awake. Forced myself to sleep then woke up at 7am. Found one of the rubber seals for my in-ears got lost (sadness amidst the epicness)

Got home to assess the items at hand

So I got the maccha powder, it was just then during the morning that I realized that I didn't have the necessary utensils to make maccha (steefu no baka). I don't even have an electric hand whisk to make a glass of maccha frappe. I could use the blender although it's such a hassle.

The maccha chocolate is something that is really different from any other chocolate I've had, I'm not , or maybe it's because It, saving it since it's rare and I can't get it at any other store. It's sweet for something with maccha tho... like SWEET...

I haven't really written in months, even though there were times times when something new would happen they really didn't change the fact that I was still in the longest summer evar.


A short rundown of things that I could have blogged about.

My love of vocaloids and music

random game comments

getting my first job

christmas wish list

that's all I could think of...

got a job now... need to save up for moar epic times and stuff

Current Music: Hatsune Mikuru - Melt 3M mix

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Yesterday went out to help a friend build a new computer as well as get a dose of BlazBlue.

Appointed as the driver for the day with an indecisive navigator(doubling as PC technician) on the passenger seat we made our journey to the place where MOST filipinos go to get their spankin new computers... Gilmore.
Ugh roadtripping scary journey aside, parking was HELL. Arrived, arrived in a sense that FINALLY found a parking spot, by 12pm. We all hungee so our sponsor feeds us pizza lunch.
Canvassing of parts from the multitude of shops can be both enjoyable and frustrating at times.
Epic video card should be matched with +100 Case of respect, coz the epic card is too big that ordinary cases can't even fit it in.
Finally by 3pm journey home for more epicness, not my place tho.
Iz time for BlazBlue.
Tho encountered epic traffic on the way home as well gaahh >_<
Finally crashed at place by 5pm and set up brand new pc in +100 case of respect and turned on the x360.

BlazBlue just wonderful... Although my thumbs are sore right now.
At first the X360 controller was like total numbnuts to play with but was able to adjust eventually, methinks I can perform better with an arcade stick tho.
The successor to GuiltyGear, I am more than impressed. :D
Jin Kisaragi, token gheyish sounding with sword that shoots magic ala Ky Kiske of the group exceeded my expectations, I can haz get moar creative with the mix-ups. Iz like, My two favorite GG characters combined, Testament and Ky.
Litchi Faye Ling, islatty looking chinese dress boobie char with name based on food, ala Jam Kuradoberi(cranberry jam?). Didn't have any ideas how to play her at first, but then I made some intersting diecoveries.
I will just <3 Noel Vermillion and <3 Rachel Alucard. The other two characters that I wanted to play, because I <3 their character design but I just can't figure out how to play them... yet... maybe once I get better with Jin and Litchi.

Soul Calibur IV, was kind of a letdown. Okkk so their faces are purdier than ever but why did the females seem to have spent time in the gym bulking up??!!??!???
I mean whut the hell?? srsly I was saddened when I saw Xianghua no longer kawaii.
fighting system didn't get into it much but it still feels weird, I get this all the time moving from different installements of Soulcalibur, SC3 became slow for me, now SC4 is fast again although the moves seem to get "stuck", for lack of abetter term. It's like, chaining them is weird for me.
Clothes ripping apart was a total let down ahaha.

Streetfighter IV... not really my thing haha

When I got home earlier today I tried playing Guilty Gear again and surprisingly... My Ky has gotten a bit more aggressive.

I just can seem to be as pumped up listening to english grunts and move names in fighting games. Lol like okkkk I know what the move is called now since you shout out its english translation buut, ugh it just sounds sily xD.
Female voices aren't as cute too.

Speaking of voices, I was really saddened when I head the voices of persona 4 characters in english. like omgz why!?!??! D:
I <3 Chie, but her english voice makes her sound like a mother, why o why??
They sound "conyo" lol... give "Oh sempai?" a sort of twang, you'd get the idea, not cute... ahaha
Might depend on the voice actors tho. hmm >_>

should be doing other things now haha

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Glasses that I had for a year broke off one arm

So long geeky glasses

Went to optometrist and was surprised that my grade went up a bit again ._.
Initially intended to change the frame and re-use the existing lenses.

I feel liek a police officer wearing the clip-on polarizing lenses x3

Need to have the frame adjusted... these new ones keep sliding down my nose.
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woes D:
guh yesterday I ran into hardware troubles; my powersupply unit failed for real this time around.
Previously the fans would suddenly become noisy and sound like a blender, I would just tap at them until they'd quiet down and thus allow me to resume use of my computer.
Sadly as I installed the new harddrive my computer started acting up and I was having some problems pinpointing the exact culprit of the system's instability.
I took off one memory module and it was able to boot for a while. Then the display died again after a few hours. Tried playing around with the ram sticks to no avail.
I had a hunch that it was the power supply, decided to had it checked up for a second opinion.
Well I got myself a new powersupply and now the computer is on shhhhh mode, my ram is fine and all other components. The PSU was an unexpected expense

Second issue, I couldn't get the SATA controller working.

Now I have 3 harddrives, my initial plan was to have my OS installation on the small 80gig drive, programs and work documents on the 160gig drive, and downloads and other resources on the new 640gig(supposedly) drive.
Gah I can't get the controller to show my drive on the OS.

Well here's the total space left after migrating data from my 80gig and 160gig drive.

This is the new baby I have.

I pity this five year old floppy drive

I wonder why the actual drive space isn't what's on the label.
I lost around 40gigs... ???

Moving on to Persona 4

I completed The Answer of Persona3FES last friday. Gosh longest RPG I ever played without even doing a second playthrough and getting all the secrets.
123hours on The Journey 27hours on The Answer 150hours total...
Was actually supposed to give it a second playthrough in order to get the secrets and stuff but then I missed a certain event that would make completing a certain quest impossible.
The other save file I had prior to the mishap had a 2-hour difference so I just say to myself "screw this imma play it again next time, time to move on to the next game first".

So I fire up Persona 4 and immediately impressed by the catchy tune of the intro.

Let's see first impressions...

Made me bored for the first hour and a half as there were no battles, but after that the action builds up much faster.

I like the persona designs for the protagonists over the ones of Persona 3.

Moar FMVs... From the intro there were already a lot of animated cutscenes.
Portraits and artwork is more detailed than the ones on p3... but they have the same artist amirite?

Feels like a more proper RPG since you have the option to control the other characters... unlike FES where the AI would do some stupid commands at times >_>

The battle music, is a nice light uplifting let's move inspirational j-pop thingy. FES's music was a bit techno with a bit of rap in it.

The mood of the game isn't that heavy or dark. FES had characters bent on revenge, and then saving the world. Persona 4's start is actually 'weird' as you get sucked into a TV. Persona 3 had you fighting for your life against some monster.

Dungeon design.
Exploring Tartarus on p3 made me sleepy at times and the design was enough to drive one to madness at times, a real labyrinth. Well the first two dungeons so far in P4 weren't that confusing and it makes sense to explore them.

Persona Summoning is different for each character. This game exudes flashiness, specially the character art during th all-out attack, and has a bit of a badass Bleach feel to it (I thought that the anime of Bleach was badass, well during the first and second season)

Finally a social link with the 'best friend/we're guys in the same class' character. This guy isn't an ass compared to the one in persona3

enough x3


I got this for fun xD
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Gosh, Job hunting is so troublesome ~.~

My trip to Paranaque on official business for Mike was full of ups and downs; traffic at Shaw blvd., But a nice smooth ride after Ayala ave., and the joy of visiting an unfamiliar place. I must live by my principle that not having a camera in my bag is a crime. I was lazy to charge my camera, missed capturing some interesting scenery.

I passed SM North on the way home and SM ANNEX is just wonderful. Was able to obtain my new harddisk thanks to Mike, got it at a real bargain price compared to even the stores at Gilmore. I need to find a PCI SATA controller tho coz I only have two SATA ports on my mobo >_>
Apparently the cheapo SATA enclosures are not guaranteed (according to staff at various stores) to load up drives more than half a terrabye, my drive is 640 gigabytes.

I took the plunge and tried a violin at a music store xD
Soooooo at first there were scratching sounds, but I was able to play a some notes on the E and A string, and a few more, and then I got nervous and my hand shook like fick and the sounds became broken @_@
I have no idea why I have recently been obsessed with learning an instrument. ?_?

Let's see, I have an out of tune piano and a recorder at home. hmmm....
Piano, it somehow feels like my head is being split in half when I try to play two hands.
Recorder, I have a problem properly blowing and figuring out how the fingering works.
Violin, I had no idea that it demanded INTENSE control of the bowing hand.
The pianos at music stores feel nice to touch as their keys are so soft, mines is really hard and is out of tune, when I press a certain key it just makes me cry ;_;

I might forgo 'stupid' expense skateboard and get a violin instead; it might be another 'stupid' expense granted I get pissed off and put it away for eternity, tho playing notes is not as difficult as performing an ollie hahahahaha xD
orrrr I can have the piano tuned and then get some lessons... but I prefer the solitude and comfort of my own room compared to the living room where the piano is located. hmmm...

will now install harddrive and begin the back-up process since I'm done writing this down ^_^
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hmm taking Windows 7 RC for a test run, had in on my system for around 2 days now.

So far so good, minimal slowdown, really stable, and that's on a five year old pentium 4.
I actually find it faster than my installation of Windows XP SP3.
boots up much faster.
There were some problems with installing the audio driver initially.
So, is this what Windows Vista is like? but from what I heard it was slow, so just amazed that Windows seven can run on this rather ancient machine.

Been delayed photoshoppin stuff coz I had to obtain a full blown version of photoshop for it to work, couldn't get the portable app versions to work.
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Ugh I am obsessing over IIDX again.
I have obtained the first disc of the IIDX Empress OST.
There are just soo many cute themed songs that I am just dying to try out.

ah! the power of teh internets, I'm miles away from japan and I get to sample the music and games.
Empress and songs are the recent things playing on my built-in audio player(built-in onto my head... long term LSS with multiple songs), along with some H&C and other piano arrangements.

My Empress must plays
Turii~Panta rhei~ by zecktbach -> an epic song that reminds me of princess mononoke due to the characters of maya
smooooch ・∀・ by kors k -> been playing this on Troopers CS tho ^_^ I don't get tired of it
Colorful Cookie by Lucky Vacuum -> sounds tasty xD this is a new artist that I have only heard of now
I'm Screaming LOVE by Creative Life -> another cute song of an artist I have only heard of now.
Captivate2 by e-lma -> by who??? Captivate songs were made by DJ Yoshitaka before, this is good though not as powerful imho
V2 by TAKA -> continuation of the classic 5th style remix of Vivaldi's winter
My Future by Pink Pong -> iz trippy

Empress songs I have heard so far are happy poppy light sounding songs

I WANT CS VERSION NAOOOO!!!! D: because the arcades machine turntables here suck, and HDD rip lags with a ps2 controller usb adaptor

update 7:45
didn't notice link to disc2, downloading now ^^
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Over the weekend I finally finished the main story of Persona 3 FES after 120 hours just to reach the final boss.

one thing tho, It's an uver imba game one you reach MAX level, well this is the only RPG wherein I reached max level on my first play through. Once you reach max level, your HP and SP shoot up to 999, so, no more strategies required with budgeting Spell Points.

Even if you don't reach max level there's also this spell that obliterates the living hell out of any enemy that it is used on, oh yessss even bosses.

hahaha >_> takes out the fun and challenge and frustration of boss fights.

plan to do a second playthrough on HARD with the imba equips carried over hahahaha. For completion.
After finishing the final boss, it eats up another 20minutes of your time.
This is the very first RPG that I have spent so much time on the first play through, usually I spend 50-60 hours on one play through with an RPG.

Side note, Chrono Trigger was the shortest, but one of the best RPG's and will forever hold a place in my heart. It took me 12hours to finish when I was a kid, NewGame+ modes had one finish the game in 9hours. I wish that another Chrono game comes out ~_~ but that seems to be a dream that will never become a reality. Never got to finish Chrono Cross anyway, so I will have to finish that.

now playing the sidestory.

Story wise, Persona 3 is really engaging, or maybe it's just me that I end up being heavily engrossed with story lines regardless of media(anime, manga, movies, games) as long as the presentation is really good. There are a lot of twists in the story that just had me going waaaaat!?!?!?!!! so many times. The side story is an even bigger shocker, well for me.
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I stumbled upon this while searching for the IIDX Empress ost (yes I am a pirate, yarrrgh!)

Just splendid :D

Zecktbach's music is characterized by powerful orchestrated compositions with a few vocals that are capable of drawing in the listener even more. The orchestrations use a lot of various instruments, piano, organ, strings, percussion, and even electronic synth sounds.

It's like listening to classical music but with a more epic modern touch.
It's so epic it makes one want to conquer nations.
This would make for a good music in an RPG.
Konami should do just that, make an RPG using the story of Zecktbach and the characters of Maya Takamura.
Maya Takamura's Character designs are one of my favorites.

wonder what it would be like to drive while having this play on the car stereo.
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